6 Tips to Find the Right Home for You

When it comes time to buying a home, being picky is a must. A home is where memories are made, where your family grows and where you grow as an individual- so you deserve to find the right place where all of this and more can take place. Here are some of my tips to keep in mind when finding the best home for you and your family.


1.   Love your location. When you are searching the market for a home, it’s important to remember that you are not only buying the home- you are buying the location.  For this reason, you must not only love the home itself, but the location as well.  A good way to vet the location is by meeting and speaking with neighbors about their neighborhood.  Though it may seem like a small component to the home-buying process, it is a crucial one.  In the long run, if you are living in a neighborhood that is less than what you would enjoy, you’re not going to love where you live.  Find a place in a community where you not only can live in, but also thrive in.


2.   Consider the resale value.  Though we are always encouraged to live in the moment, it’s important when buying a house to, at the very least, take a short trip into the distant future by thinking about how much can you one day sell the home you have yet to buy.  A home is one of the best investments in the world, but only if done correctly.  When selling a home, one should strive to make money on the property or at the very least recuperate the invested money already spent to possibly break even.  There are many things that can be done to ensure this success.  Don’t buy a home near a potential area for commercial development- no one wants to look out their window to see a grey piece of metallic warehouse.  Also, according to HomeFinder.com, “Buying the only ranch home in a neighborhood of two-story houses, or the only one-bedroom condo in a building full of three-bedroom units, might hamper your chances to sell your home one day.”


3.   Be picky.  Be aware and stand your ground with your non-negotiable aspects of the home.  This home may not be your’s forever, but it will be your’s for a long time- so it’s important that you love where you live!  If you’re set on a two-story home, only look at two story homes!  If a pool is important to you, only look at homes with pool areas or homes with potential for a pool area.  In the beginning of the search, it’s important to pick out a few aspects that are considered “must-haves” to you and your family.  Always keep in mind the desired components of a preferred home during your search and, most of all, make sure that your real estate agent is aware of your wants.


4.   Consider the old and the new. Though the word “new” evokes positive and exciting emotions when it comes to looking for homes, “new” isn’t always necessarily better. For example, Trulia.com presents the following point: “While you might not like a previous homeowner’s decorating decisions, you might like the owner-installed upgrades- like a finished basement and a backyard deck- that a new home might not have.”  It’s important to keep an open mind throughout this process.  You never know, the next home you seek out could be your future nest.


5.   Leave some room to grow. When looking for a home, especially if you’re a young buyer, it’s important to leave some room to grow within the home.  For example, if the homebuyers are a young couple and are planning on having a child, make sure that the first home bought together will accommodate a young child.  If a smaller house with less-than-ideal accommodations is all you can afford at the moment, make sure that the home you’re prospecting has space on the lot for additions in the future.  Being prepared for the needs of the future is key when finding your new house.


6.   Make sure you have a passionate real estate agent.  This one may be the most important of them all.  You should interview at least three real estate agents because, ultimately, you are putting your future in their hands.  Aim for someone who has a clear direction and a good knowledge of the market.  A passionate real estate agent makes for a good end product: a smile on your face and a home that fits all of your want and needs.


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