Bring the Party Outside

Southern California- usually means sunny days filled with blue skies and a sparkling ocean. On average, we get to experience the “California Summer” (cue The Beach Boys “California Girls”) about a quarter of our lives… make the most of our amazing climate by bringing the party outside among friends.

When I think socializing, I think food. For example, when I haven’t seen a friend of mine in a while, I’ll ask them to stop by my home for either lunch or dinner so that we can catch up. The way most of us socialize or spend our free time is over a meal- so why not mix the meal with some scenery?

This beautiful California weather shouldn’t be wasted!  So take the meal out back to your patio and enjoy!

As seen in the cover photo, this outdoor patio can be utilized for a toasty dinner on a rare chilly summer night. The center fire pit takes a twist on your typical dining table and makes sure that regardless of less than ideal weather, you can always dine outside. The elements are beautiful- so enjoy them!

California boasts some of the most amazing scenery in the country- whether it be the mountains or the ocean, there is always something beautiful to rest your eyes on. Center your patio, the decor and even the place settings on the table around the scenery so that you can emphasize the gorgeous view that originally drew you to buying your home in the first place.

Often times we forget how lucky we are to live in such a desirable location. A simple meal outside with the people we love can remind each and every one of us our true fortunes in life. Take it all in!


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