Meet the Latest Home Design Trend: “Modern Rustic”

A new design trend is dazzling both the lovers of a warm rustic feel and those who live for a clean, contemporary design in the home- it’s called “Modern Rustic” and it’s here to stay.  We’ve always been told not to teach old dogs new tricks but, in this special case, we aren’t listening.

The modern rustic design is elegant, yet brings some warmth to the home. We incorporate the more traditional rustic-feel into the sleek contemporary look with the use of wood.  Through its distressed and meaningful or dark and earthy tone, the addition of wood gives an edge to the modern style which is where we get the term “modern rustic”. This design doesn’t come easy, which is why it must be done with style.

So let’s talk about how we can properly introduce this exciting new trend into the home.

The best place to start is the island of the kitchen. The sleek metallic island with the contemporary bar stools, paired with the wood accents in the floor, cabinetry and shelves, are a flawless representation of this exciting new trend. The island, which is typically in the center of the kitchen, brings a burst of edge and sleekness amongst a traditionally rustic kitchen.

The accents of modern-style kitchen appliances in the wooden kitchen contribute to the modern rustic feel in this space. Though it’s not the centerpiece of the room, it’s a great way to spice up the kitchen with the latest design trend. By pairing two aspects of design that don’t seem to go together, it emphasizes the best qualities of both.

Modern-style is known for its boxiness and its sleek corners.  As seen in the images below, the white walls, upholstery, bedding and accents paired with the warm wood, including its stereotypically modern build, is the quintessential idea of modern rustic. The earth tones in the bedframe and the two tables warm up the cold, black and white of the bedroom that would otherwise be exemplary of the modern feel.

The modern rustic trend is not only versatile, but stylish. It can be used in all areas of the home or can simply spice up/accent a room. If you want to bring back that distressed, wooden table you had in your modern home- do it.

It seems, you can teach an old dog new tricks after all.


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