Beverly Hills Estates and Marisa Zanuck support the Arts…


Marisa Zanuck and the principals at Beverly Hills Estates Realty are enthusiastic patrons of the arts and were thrilled to participate in the sponsorship of official 59th annual Grammy Book.

Most Expensive Listing Price in LA? $500 Million…WHAT?!

Give your grandest welcome to the Los Angeles housing area’s newest contender: weighing in at 100,000 square feet, all the way from Bel Air, California, boasting four pools and even a grand casino- I give you Los Angeles’ $500 million Mega Mansion, the most expensive of all time.

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6 Tips to Find the Right Home for You

When it comes time to buying a home, being picky is a must. A home is where memories are made, where your family grows and where you grow as an individual- so you deserve to find the right place where all of this and more can take place. Here are some of my tips to keep in mind when finding the best home for you and your family.

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My “Best Eats” of LA

Not only does Los Angeles boast the most beautiful homes, it also boasts some of the best restaurants on the West Coast. Whether you are simply visiting Los Angeles for the day, or have the pleasure of living here, just know that your stomach can always be happy. Take a look below to see my list of the best eats in Los Angeles- you won’t want to miss this.  

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Beverly Hills Market Snapshot

It’s official… the market has bounced back with a vengeance!

Prospective home buyers are rushing in hoards to get ahold of equity from their new homes. Developers are flipping houses to astronomical levels. And investors simply want a piece of the action before land prices rise any higher than now.

So what does that mean for the prospective Beverly Hills seller? Sell now, before it’s too late!

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